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Pacifier. by jacqui-kate Pacifier. by jacqui-kate
:bulletblue: Camera: Canon EOS 1000D
:bulletpurple: Lens: Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 Macro
:bulletblue: Post-processing: Photoshop CS4

tavargas Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2011
Hello! I am a Brazilian writer and I used this image to illustrate a text in my blog. I left a link on it. The same can be checked at this address: [link]

All the best and congrulations!
jacqui-kate Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2011
Thank you very much for using my photo :] It's a shame I can't understand it, I'd love to read it!
tavargas Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2011
I tried google translate! But in natural language the sonoroty is relevance... hahaha Maybe you can understand a litlle:

Buy, sell, trade finance and perhaps even

The flat iron heats up.
Lucia's naked body just carries over the newly makeup inn. He stood before the mirror. Accidentally looked around and saw a photo mural of your pie in the magnet, a photo that should not be there. As this picture is there?! Furious raced to it and snatched it from a blow, a kick reminiscent of a tiger.
The silly grin Marcelo. It's ugly side of Marcelo. She always felt ugly side of Marcelo. How she loved Marcelo.
He tore the picture.
It was trade. Trade immoral, wild, wanton. Squealed acute anger. Something that would Marcelo smile.
But trade was something she was studying and teaching in many of these ready-made phrases that tend to fly freely, hateful jargon trying to base some wisdom (who wanted to spit!) She heard that did not sell products. If you sell ideas. Oh!
He looked at the torn photo on the floor. He looked at his young body hair in the mirror. He looked at the iron. He thought again.
This semester had started a course of basic English, something that really pleased him, and thus began paying more attention to the speeches of both films that enjoyed watching with her grandmother. He had an expression that had been in his mind "I do not buy it", which literally translated would be "I do not buy it," but the context in which the sentence was said, would be more appropriate to translate "I do not believe it" drenched in sarcasm and malice. Lucy was believed to have captured the clever idea.
He looked at the picture torn down and hated again for not having shared the unhappy face of the medium. He was still intact at the photo that will fit with the same smile dog staring at her. I do not buy It. Wait a minute, it is an adaptation. I do not buy you. I do not buy you. Because you sell yourself, better than my teacher could teach, but as shallow as the goods which he illustrated.
Heated flat iron. With a childish smile and chest out of a dubious power to get Lucy ended triumphantly with a vengeful thought in mind: Tonight maybe I buy some one.

At the party met Lucy a tall and strong that he conceived a child while drunk in the backseat of your car. Three months later he was arrested. Five months later killed.
He worked nine hours a day for twenty years in a mediocre job to win the support of this child. He never realized his dream of working in import and export seeing the world. With a son in his arms became a college guy.
But after twenty years, why think about Marcelo? She did not know. But at that very moment, repented for having ripped that photo.

Marcelo had already conquered the world with your smile faithful. He worked as Lucia, but a monetary reward was painful to be added. Unnecessary even after so many digits became tiring. He looked at himself and felt the weight of age. Had a child today would probably be too old to play ball with him ... Why have we never had a child?

The son who might have had was named Marcelo and that he did not know. Marcelo was the name chosen Lucia, a secret tribute.

After much stress, young Marcelo resigned himself to making a college foreign trade according to the wishes of his mother. Lucia wants to live his dream through. He always wanted to learn to play piano.

In order to study commerce. Or not. But what is sold beyond their own dreams and ghostly idealization?
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